Other Sports

Bujumbura Golf Club (BGC), Covering an expansive length of 5,464 meters, with 10 holes and 71 par, playing golf at the beautiful Bujumbura Golf Club (BGC) is indeed a tourist’s delight. The BGC was established in 1962 and it has been a haven for golfers from Burundi and outside the country. Members of the golf club consist of young professionals, politicians and key decision makers in the society. So if you’re a lover of golf, you should check out the golf course on your next visit to Bujumbura.

Rugby: Since 2013, the Rugby Club of Terres de Montaigu is paired with the Hyenas club of Bujumbura.
This twinning was created within the framework of the existing cooperation between Burundi and the Pays de la Loire Region.

3 actions are under development:

– Create links between the children of the two clubs through exchanges and correspondences (letters, drawings, etc.)

– To transmit knowledge: Each year, the RCTM finances training courses (Federal Patent Rugby School) for its educators. Our wish is to be able to finance, once a year, the travel of one of our qualified educator so that he can pass on his knowledge to the educators and children of the Hyenas club of Bujumbura.

– Material assistance: they wish to be able to set up the sending of a container of material (balloons, chasubles, jerseys, studs, etc.) in order to help them practice their favorite sport under better conditions.